Video: Gennaro Contaldo: Spaghetti Carbonara


Yeah this is the day for a Carbonara

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Vintage TV sent to space for music video


Director Joe Connor sent up two vintage Sony televisions via weather balloons for Kelvin Jones’ video for his song Call You Home.

Yup, that really is a TV in space, for real. I created this video by sending a vintage Sony TV into orbit on a weather balloon provided by Sent Into Space, surrounded by cameras so as to capture this spectacular footage hovering above the Big Blue Marble itself.

More precisely, it took two launches – both from Snowdonia in Wales, with two identical TVs, with each launch providing the opportunity to rig the GoPros in different positions.

Photo: NASA

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Recipe: Jamie Oliver: 100 Calorie Poppadom Snacks


I love poppadoms (and I haven’t seen them that big in the states). This is a low calorie simple recipe to do any time.

Photo: Chris Brown, Flickr

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Video: Anthony Bourdain: Kramer Knives

dl_AnthonyBourdain_Li Tsin Soon

Anthony Bourdain has a new web show covering hand crafted items. In this episode, he features hand made knives by Bob Kramer of Kramer Knives.

It is pretty incredible to see these this metal pounded into steel and then crafted into a pretty incredible knife.

Photo: Li Tsin Soon, Flickr

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Music: Ryan Adams: Bad Blood Cover


For those of you who are not Ryan Adams fans, you might not have heard that he is doing complete cover of Taylor Swift’s 1989 album (the entire album).

Kind of odd, but the 15 seconds clips he has been sharing have sounded pretty good.

He released his cover of Bad Blood late last week. Not a huge fan of this song (due to all the media coverage guessing who it is about), but I appreciate Adams’ attempt to strip it down and add some stank to the glossy production.


Video: Hotel Okura


Japan’s Hotel Okura which has been heralded for its design and timeless features is about to undergo a massive redesign. Check out this documentary on some of the design feature that made the hotel a classic.

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Recipe: Jamie Oliver: Quick Hummus


Allison wanted me to share this one, we were talking about the quick hummus recipe from a few weeks ago.

Photo: Megan, Flickr

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Video: Gun Debate: Too Much Emotion, Not Enough Data?


Taking the emotion out of the gun debate and trying to leverage data to drive better laws.

Photo: WickedVT, Flickr

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Recipe: Gennaro Contaldo: Pancetta & Pumpkin Pasta


Summer is over (well almost). Here is a nice pasta recipe for the fall.

Photo: Luca Nebuloni, Flickr

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Music: Ryan Adams: Magnolia Mountain


This song was in my head this morning, thought I would share it.