Picture: 30 Rock: Vending Machine


I just wish the vending machine worked in my office more than 20% of the time (and of course if it didn’t have junk loaded in it, but I would be lying if I didn’t say there weren’t a few healthy options).


Picture: #PhillyFriday: Girard Trust 1920

Per Wikipedia:

The Ritz-Carlton Philadelphia is a 394 feet (120-meter) 30-story skyscraper located south of City Hall in the Center City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was built in 1930-1931 as the Girard Trust Building. The tower was actually an addition to a domed low-rise building which was constructed in 1908. It was then renamed Two Mellon Plaza. One Meridian Plaza (1972-1999) was connected to this building. Shortly after One Meridian Plaza’s demolition, the building was converted in 2000 into a 330-room Ritz-Carlton hotel. Responsible for the building’s conversion are James Garrison and Dr. George C. Skarmeas.

On the former site of One Meridian Plaza stands The Residences at the Ritz Carlton of Philadelphia, constructed in 2009.

The architect of the Girard Trust Building was McKim, Mead & White. The building is located on the site formerly occupied by the West End Trust Building (1898-1928).

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Picture: Explaining Greece’s financial situation


This one made me laugh. I found it on reddit.

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Picture: IT Crowd: D&D


This is another photo I saved while browsing Reddit. It amused me and I will send it to Sean which will anger him.

Photo: Reddit

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Picture: Philly from space


Astronaut Scott Kelly posted this tweet a few days ago:

#Goodmorning #Philadelphia! One of your cheese steaks would be great 4 months into my #YearInSpace

If you are ever in Philly Mr. Kelly – I’d be glad to buy you one. Safe travels.

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Picture: Cliff jumping puppy


This is a brave lil’ pup.

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Picture: Why is my millennial crying?


Here is another one that was sitting around on my desktop.

Photo: Laughing Squid


Picture: #PhillyFriday: Divine Lorraine Hotel

Photo: justinw0lfe, imgur

I really don’t know why, but I have a fondness for the Divine Lorraine Hotel. It is a perfect symbol of the decay of the last 30 years in America, but it also represents potential hope that not everything rots and fades away.

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Picture: Happy Puppy


Nom Nom Nom…
This dog looks so happy with that slice of pizza. Has any being ever been so happy in the history of existence? I think not.

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Picture: The heart of the matter


This is another animated gif I found a while back that I couldn’t share on tumblr. I liked that it is simple but in its own way tells a story.