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Video: Amy Shumer: Boring Stories

We should all make an effort to listen to our loved ones, especially when they are having a bad day.

But there is that whole problem of actually listening.

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The vortex of lake texoma

I ran across the image of a vortex in the middle of the lake and I wanted to know more. Of course, Atlas Obscura knew the score:

According to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, who spoke with Business Insider, the vortex is caused simply by excess water. Flooding on the Red River, the source for Lake Texoma, has caused the lake to increase to record levels, to the point where it has flowed over the Denison Dam spillway – for the first time in history. Because the lake water is so high, the Army Corps needed to open the dam’s floodgates to let the water out.

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Wine Day 2013

Family Wine making day. I was really lazy this year and didn’t take that much footage, had to really stretch it out.

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Video: Real Drunken Monkey

( #DrunkenMonkey )

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An Atheist’s Guide to the 2012 Election

( #PennJillette )

Interesting clip (not what you think!)…

Continue to Big Think to read more…

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The Death of Superman by Max Landis

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Here is a damn good summary of the “Death of Superman” story back in the 90s. I love the cameos.

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Video: Jack and the Dustbowl

Learn more about this short film: Whitestone Motion Pictures


The Decemberists: January Hymn

( #Decemberists )

Goodbye December, Goodbye 2011 – Hello January 2012.

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