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BeezCast: Episode 01: What the Beez?

After watching me spend hours talking to myself in the basement, my boy Ben wanted in on the podcasting game (they say everyone has a podcast now, and I guess they are right).

Join Ben as he talks about superheros and nerf toys while I get some audio gems that my wife and I will get misty-eyed over in 20 years.

Note: I am not submitting this project to iTunes just yet, so you have to listen via the website for now. 

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Preview Podcast: Episode 02: Millennial Meltdown


I spent the last few hours working on this podcast for The Source blog. Before I set it loose over there, I thought I would share it here (and also probably remove it) for some feedback.

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Podcast: Test 05: Motorola S10 Headphone review


Here is another podcast test to enjoy while I line up interviews for The Source podcast. This is a test of audio mixing from different sources while attempting to do an actual episode.

On a related note (and for my own personal reference), Engadget just did a review of in-ear headphones under $40 bucks.

Engadget: Best in-ear headphones under $40

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Test Podcast 3

Photo: Patrick Breitenbach, Flickr

People who don’t know me personally are probably not going to care about this one – looking for some feedback on sound quality.

My podcasting goals took a leap forward over the weekend. I was annoyed at myself for not producing anything and concluded that I needed to find a means of getting guests to participate remotely (because nobody wants to do it live at my house).

Long story short: I figured out a way to record guest via the phone or Skype/Google Hangouts (with decent quality).

I am not going for goofy content this time around. There is a very specific goal in mind and I am lining up real guests now. More to come.

Here is an equipment test. Forget what I am saying, just let me know if it is too loud or not loud enough. Also let me know if Allison’s call is clear enough that you would actually listen to this call quality in your car.


Podcast: The Memory Palace: Every Night Ever

While I did my morning walk on the 4th of July, I was listening podcasts. I recently added The Memory Palace to my subscriptions due to the endless prompting of Roman Mars of 99% Invisible. The Memory Palace recently joined Mars’ podcasting collective known as Radiotopia.

Every Night Ever was my first experience with the podcast.

A story about a few good ol’ boys who decided to change up their grind of a routine just once and what happened as a result.

It was excellent, and inspired, and I want to share it with you.  I highly recommend subscribing to The Memory Palace.

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