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Phillyist: Why Kids are getting stupider – response

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Yesterday, I got my Philadelphia magazine in the mail and the cover asks “Why Kids Are Getting Stupider”. I felt the hairs on my neck rise and reading the article didn’t do much to calm me down. Phillyist was kind enough to let me write a response to it.

Phillyist: Is Philadelphia Magazine Right – Are Kids Really Getting Stupider?

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Phillyist: GTT Interview?

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The Phillyist published an interview with Tom Amoriello, some of you might know him as GTT. Tom was kind enough to sit down with me and discuss the Philadelphia Classical Guitar Society.

Give it a read:

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Phillyist: Guster Review

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Phillyist published my review of Guster’s performance last Friday at the Electric Factory, you can read it **here**

Some interesting background stories:

1. There were three younger people (just barely drinking age) that were totally rude and pissing off everyone in my area. Guster crowds are usually pretty chill, but these two boys and their gal pal were “white people dancing“, not giving a shit who they bumped into, and by the middle of the show were acting the songs out with their hands. People were leaving the nice spot we were in just to get away from them. The taller kid must have messed up 20 shots for me by throwing up his hands in Guster-ecstasy. Also, the girl had the most intense crazy-eyes I have ever seen – she didn’t blink.

I tried to take video of her, but it didn’t turn out so well.

2. My favorite security guard was on duty, but we didn’t stay in his area. He would have destroyed the “Trio of Assholes”

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Phillyist: Find a place with Commonspace

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Hi readers – a new Phillyist article has been published in case you were interested. The article is about a new Philadelphia-based social planning tool. When I first took the assignment, I was planning to be an asshole about the service (my thought was “great – another fucking social network”), but as I explored the site, I realized it was less a social media site and more of a tool (that could actually be useful), so I changed my approach…

Check it out:
Find a Place with Commonspace

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Phillyist: Knight Foundation to donate $9 million for art projects

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Here is a post I submitted for the Phillyist today about an art foundation donating several millions dollars over the next three years for Philly projects.

Phillyist: Knight Foundation Funds $9 Million…


Last Night’s Assignment….

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I thought it would be cool to document my thoughts about covering an event for another blog and “playing it straight”. I didn’t feel like I was reporting much at the Flugtag event last week, but covering this happy hour was another beast entirely.

I was asked to cover the “bloggergate” happy hour hosted by the city at National Mechanics in Old City. I am not going to get into what too place, you can read my article about that here. What I did want to talk about is everything else.

National Mechanics is small and was crowded with bloggers and reporters. People came up to me and asked me who I was and it was very weird saying I was with The Phillyist and covering the event. I felt like I was bullshitting the real reporters. NPR and WHYY (didn’t know they were not the same) both interviewed me. I was not what the WHYY reporter was looking for (pretty easy to tell: two questions no follow-ups) but NPR might use a sound clip (if I was a betting man “The city has a right to make money”, hope it isn’t taken out of context). I think it is odd that one reporter interviewed another “reporter”. When they both asked why I was there, I said the same reason they were – to cover the event. I didn’t have an agenda.

The event itself was not optimized: National Mechanics is small and the city was given the back section of the bar with little seating. I guess they didn’t know how many people would show up. I ended up standing in the middle of the main “isle” with a group of people blocking the waitresses’ path to the kitchen (sweating my ass off I might add). It drove me nuts, I can’t imagine how the waitresses felt. Like I said in the article, the city officials were really nice – I give them points for that. They really gave the impression that they wanted to help and not piss off the “little guys”. Words are one thing, actions are another.

The guy I use to take us to the airport when we go on vacation always tells me about New Jersey’s commercial drivers license laws and how things are always changing for the worse for the small businesses (in favor of mid-sized and large). He can’t use part time or emergency workers without getting them registered which is an administrative nightmare. As the nice city officials talked, that’s all I could think was – “even if they have the best of intentions, in 10 years this is going to turn into a total money grabbing cluster-fuck”. I hope I am wrong for the sake of the small guys and for the idealistic city workers because we need more of them.

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Phillyist: “Bloggergate” Report

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Phillyist just posted my coverage of last night’s “Bloggergate” happy hour at National Mechanics
Phillyist: “Bloggergate” Happy Hour Answers Questions

PS: I even took the (terrible) pictures – Peter Parker much?

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Phillyist Repost: 2010 Red Bull Flutag

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Phillyist posted my article and video off the 2010 Philadelphia Flutag (hosted in Camden). A commenter said I needed to proof-read the youtube video – can anyone see a typo?

Phillyist: Red Bull Flutag Crashes into the Delaware River


1st Phillyist Post: Bloggergate Happy Hour

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My first post for the Phillyist went live at 9:30 AM. It is a preview for an event I am covering next week regarding the Philly blogger tax (Its not really a tax). Check it out.

Bloggergate Happy Hour