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Experience: I was swallowed by a hippo

Experience: I was swallowed by a hippo

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Joey – WTF?

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The Lombardi Slap?

You have to love the freakin’ internet….

Today I was doing a search for my family coat of arms or some form of symbol for the Lombardi sur-name and I see a suggested google search term for “Lombardi Slap”. Like a curious fool, I click and see 93,000 hits against the term:

So what exactly is this “Lombardi Slap”? Check out the Urban Dictionary: The Lombardi Slap

I am somewhat amused and a little horrified.

Does anybody know where the hell this came from?

ADDITION: Watch Steve-o from Jackass get the Lombardi Slap from an elephant
Lombardi Slap Elephant Style

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