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Music Review: Neil Cleary – I was thinking of you the whole time

Jack deLaurentis gave me a CD on Friday and I have been enjoying it so much (I actually can’t get the songs out of my head) I wanted to share it will my loyal three readers.

Jack passed on Neil Cleary’s “I was thinking of you the whole time”. The album is a poppy and bright but the lyrics run deep and echo with sentiment. There are quite a few musical influences that I picked up on – there are shades of Elvis Costello, Matthew Sweet, and even The Beatles (although I hear that Neil isn’t the biggest “Fab Four” fan).

Neil does a nice job blending all the styles together but definitely has his own sound. I recommend you take the chance and listen to his music right now. AND HERE’S THE PLUG:

Buy his music on iTunes
Neil’s Myspace Page

Simply put – Neil’s music is exactly how pop music should be. Sounds great with a hint something else going on in the words if you listen hard enough. I suggest you do.

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