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Book Review: I Suck at Girls by Justin Halpern

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I knocked out Justin Halpern’s “I Suck at Girls” in a few days and it was a very quick and enjoyable read. I haven’t read Halpern’s previous book “Sh*t My Dad Says” and frankly avoided it after seeing three seconds of the William Shatner TV show…

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Forgetting the TV show, Halpern has a comfortable conversational style to his writing and I greatly appreciated the fact that he doesn’t stretch his word count to make his publisher happy. The book tells the story of Justin’s failed romances leading to the day he proposes to his girlfriend. The stories are endearing and makes you root for a happy ending.

Halpern’s father (from the previously mentioned “Sh*t my Dad Says”) plays a major role in the book which (I think) holds the book back. The man’s comments and insights are humorous and spot on, but the book really didn’t need it to tell the story. I would be happy to read Mr. Halpern’s observations in the other book, but I feel “I Suck at Girls” didn’t need Justin’s dad to stand on its own.

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