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My new personal blog


This has been a long time coming, but I finally pulled the trigger… I consolidated my two personal blogs (The Daily Lombardi and Ordered Chaos).

I haven’t written anything over at Ordered Chaos in years, and I have been struggling with the idea of generating content on a site that I don’t completely control (even though I really like blogger/google). I think I outgrew the site.

I was able to export everything I wrote over to this new site, but I am leaving the name behind.   Ordered Chaos sounds very 2002ish (which is when I started the blog).  I am (obviously) sticking with Daily Lombardi because it sounds like a newspaper and I like giving off that vibe.

The previous version of Daily Lombardi was essentially a spot to dump out memes to my social media circles, and I will continue to share that kind of content here, but with a personal twist. I will also try to go back to writing actual articles as well (outside of my work on The Source and Babycenter.com)

Thanks for visiting, I hope you like the improvements.