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Phillyist: Guster Review

( #Guster, #Philadelphia, #ElectricFactory )

Phillyist published my review of Guster’s performance last Friday at the Electric Factory, you can read it **here**

Some interesting background stories:

1. There were three younger people (just barely drinking age) that were totally rude and pissing off everyone in my area. Guster crowds are usually pretty chill, but these two boys and their gal pal were “white people dancing“, not giving a shit who they bumped into, and by the middle of the show were acting the songs out with their hands. People were leaving the nice spot we were in just to get away from them. The taller kid must have messed up 20 shots for me by throwing up his hands in Guster-ecstasy. Also, the girl had the most intense crazy-eyes I have ever seen – she didn’t blink.

I tried to take video of her, but it didn’t turn out so well.

2. My favorite security guard was on duty, but we didn’t stay in his area. He would have destroyed the “Trio of Assholes”

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