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The Douche Files: Wedding Douchebag

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I had a good weekend. My wife’s friends got married: the ceremony was beautiful, the reception was in an awesome place, and the couple’s unique spin on classic wedding traditions made the whole event really nice. This post is not about the wedding, but what happened after.

Like most weddings, there was a little gathering at the hotel bar. We went downstairs to have a drink with one of my wife’s college friends (we will call her Z-Go) and say hello to the bride when she made it down. We were seated at the bar when one of the other guests goes up to the bartender, who was clearly Hispanic, and says the following:

Douche: Hola Amigo, Musica?
Bartender: (Looks confused and somewhat annoyed)
Douche: Amigo… Musica!?
Bartender: You want me to play music? (Bartender walks over to turn on the music)
Douche: Si, musica!
Douche: Gracias!

The bartender looks at me and rolls his eyes, I immediately say “I am not with that guy” and he laughs. Z-Go had a look of horror on her face. “Did he really just do that?” He did.

I had to ask the obvious question: “Maybe he was Hispanic too?” It was later confirmed by the bride that he was not Hispanic and had a history of “going Spanish” while drunk.

A bit later, we decided to go to bed and we went to say goodbye to the bride who was talking to a group of friends. The Douche was in the group. He began to touch Z-Go’s necklace and said “those are pretty beads”, she gives him a dirty look and walks away. As we get into the elevator Z-Go proceeds to let loose a series of profanities capped off with “If it wasn’t a wedding, I would have punched that guy in the face.” If only she did.

Take note douchebags: Don’t speak in languages that are not your native tongue and don’t touch someone’s accessories without accepting the fact that you may get punched in the face. Actually touch away, you deserve to get knocked out by a 95 lb girl.

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Neil Finn takes request from an iPad

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Crowded House singer Neil Finn (who is an excellent front man and a personal favorite) has long been in the practice of inviting local musicians to play with him during his solo shows. I felt it important to focus on that before I mention that the person invited on stage was noticed for waving around an iPad.

Frankly, I think it is douchy and I hope that it doesn’t encourage Apple fanboys to start bringing their iPods to concerts (like they do at movies), but I will give the kid props for getting on stage to play with Finn. He does an admirable job.

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