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Video: If you fall into a black hole where do you go?


Bill Nye explains what a black hole is and why you would not want to be anywhere near one.

Photo: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. Flickr

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Video: The physics of playing guitar


It is interesting to think of guitar and sound in terms of physics and science…

Guitar masters like Jimi Hendrix are capable of bending the physics of waves to their wills, plucking melody from inspiration and vibration. But how do wood, metal, and plastic translate into rhythm, melody, and music? Oscar Fernando Perez details the physics of playing the guitar, from first pluck to that final shredding chord.

Photo: J. Michel Carriere. Flickr

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Plastic roads may replace asphalt one day


Gigantic, car devouring pot holes could become a thing of the past. Volkerwessels is working on a method to use plastics to replace traditional asphalt. The plastic method is reported to withstand heat and cold variance better and is easier to install.

Per Engadget:

…VolkerWessels has revealed plans for recycled plastic roads that are both more sustainable and more practical than old-fashioned blacktop. Besides reusing material, they’d last about three times longer and survive greater temperature ranges (between -40F and 176F) — despite their fragile look, they’re less likely to crack under the strain of vehicles or the weather. You can pre-assemble them to lay them down faster, too, and their hollow structure is handy for cabling and pipes.

Photo: volkerwessels, website

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Cool Science: Wind Energy without Turbines

( #Wind, #Energy )

Check out this video about a turbine-less wind energy solution.
NY Times – Turbine-Free Wind Power from Antfood on Vimeo.Read more here

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