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A few months ago I installed Google Analytics on all of my websites. I have been enjoying reviewing the trends of my site usage and trying to improve and grow my website empire. Last week I noticed that Analytics offers a map feature telling me where my content are being read and my mind is blown.

I assumed that most people reading were in the New Jersey/Philadelphia area with a sprinkle of New York and California because of friends and family, which is true; but I am surprised to see hits in states that I don’t know anybody AND I am seeing views in countries like Australia, England, Germany, Canada (CSA all the way!), Italy, France – you get the idea.

I certainly hope I am not propagating the “stupid American” stereotype with my refusal to run spell check, persistent grammatical mistakes, and of course the fact that I can be a raging asshole. Thanks for reading World, you made my day, even if you do think I am a moron.

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Milestone: 100 posts

Sunday Leftovers Issue #28 was my 100th post on this blog. I didn’t realize it until I went in today to fix some grammatical mistakes on the previous post. This wasn’t the first blog, but it is my longest running.

It also looks like August 28th will be the 4th anniversary of this esteemed web publication…it seems like only yesterday that I was writing rants about how stupid people are, oh wait… that was yesterday. I guess I will have to come up with something good.

Thanks for reading!


RIP hitman2398.tripod.com

Due to my little video rant last month, I sporadically google myself to see what comes up. Today I noticed my old tripod site that I had to do for college was still alive. It was an interesting snap shot of what my life was when I stopped updating it (abandoned for scrotch.com and eventually joeylombardi.com). In the past I had decided to leave it alone because of said snapshot, but tripod is littered with ads and it isn’t who I am anymore – not by a long shot, so I closed shop.

It’s sad to let go of those little pieces of your youth, but sometimes it is necessary to continue moving forward.

I wanted to commemorate the end of a site that has lasted longer than most of my friendships because I am sure I will forget it.

Sept 1997 – Feb 2009
“Ghetto Fabulous to the max”

A site to talk about friends, college life, publish school work, and indulge in silly fantasies. If it made someone laugh through any of the three published versions it did its job.

PS – Here is a picture I found of Sean in the file structure…


New Blog

Hi everyone:
It seems like blogger has merged GMAIL accounts and has royally screwed up my blog – I will be moving some of my material over and then moving forward with this one.

Thanks for reading!
~ Joey