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April Fools Day

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Yesterday my editor at Drinking Made Easy asked me to publish a fake news report about Drinking Made Easy co-host Steve McKenna. The joke was he quit the show and also drinking. I loved the whole idea (I am a big fan of Google’s AFD jokes) and jumped at a chance to lend credibility to the joke.

Then a funny thing happened… DME Host Zane Lamprey re-tweeted my post and the link blew up. This site got 12,000+ hits in less than 6 hours.

So this is probably going to be the most popular post on this blog…ever… and I didn’t even write it. I am totally not bitter about this fact, because there was a massive amount of run-off traffic to my other posts that I am really grateful for.

So what is the point of this post? If you found my blog yesterday, sorry for tricking you, but I hope you enjoyed the depths the DME Team went to pull it off. I also hope you continue to read this blog and follow my adventures on Drinking Made Easy.

Thanks again for re-affirming day.

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I have been trying out a few new social media tools this week.  Tumblr has been on my mind for a while.  At first I thought it could be a replacement for my main JoeyLombardi.com domain, but I am not there yet.  

I would like to push my other blogs and feeds into this and make it a one stop shop.  If it can’t do that, it will go away.  Not sure if this is another tool to distract from producing or something that will help get my ideas out into the ether so they can spark conversation.  

Either way, it will be another learning experience.  


Announcement: New Writing Assignment

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Image Credit: Mel B.

I am pleased to announce that I will be writing for the Zane Lamprey “Drinking Made Easy” blog starting next month. One of my friends (BT!) heard about open positions at DME and knew my gig with Phillyist was coming to an end—so I made contact.

I will still be writing for this blog, and from what I am told, I can integrate my articles for DME pretty easily here. I am very excited by the news and I hope you all enjoy Drinking Made Easy now and in the coming months (with my stink all over it).

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Traffic in 2010 (map)

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I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to my readers for allowing me to break least year’s traffic record by about 300%. The entire “Joey Lombardi” brand of websites brought in about 25,000 unique visitors this year (and traffic the last few months has increased by 30%) Not bad for a little vanity website.

Last year you helped me achieve my goal of having at least one person in every state in the US look at the blog… but I haven’t been paying attention to the world view. Check it out:

Its kind of insane for me to think so many people across the world have checked out my crazy blog. I hope it serves a purpose and people are getting something out of it, it has certainly made me happy to have an outlet for my thoughts.

This is (hopefully) just the beginning.
– Joey

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My readers make me laugh…

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I was checking the stats this morning to see how Sunday Leftovers did yesterday and the report showed that several people in different states viewed this totally random post from June.

This was one of those “for me” posts because I was thinking about Lucy Lawless singing about Burritos and making fun of Stevie Nicks (after ranting to my wife how annoying I found the real Nicks – and she would be far more awesome if she sang songs about Nachos). The clip was not easy to find, so I guess somebody else had the same idea and found my blog instead.

Thank you to my readers for validating my random thoughts.

Anyway, I will save you the trip over to the other link, here is the clip again….

Lucy Lawless spoofs Stevie Nicks

Digital Mischief | Myspace Video


I reached my goal!

In August of this year, Google trending reported at least one person from every state in the US had visited my blog except three. I made it a goal on that day to get someone from those three states to come and visit the site, and I am pleased to say that has happened.

I want to thank everyone who has read the blog and checked out the other websites this year. I do this because I enjoy it and I hope you do too.

I guess next year is a completely green global map? Not sure if all of those white spaces have internet access regularly (but I am going to find out). I am glad people are out there reading. Thanks for a great 2009. Hope you stick around for 2010.


JoeyLombardi.com is back

Since I was on vacation, I didn’t know that my main website was down for several days (I don’t often check the main site every day). On Thursday I noticed my blog wasn’t posting certain pictures but I thought it was the hotel’s slow internet connection. My mom mentioned she had trouble connecting to the site to look at vacation pictures, but I assumed there were minor DNS issues again (that has happened a lot in the last month), but when I went to check something on the site today – it was down and so was the web-hosting company I used.

None of the email addresses for their support teams were working either – I was getting IMMEDIATE mail failures – that is not a good sign. Since it was down for a few days and there was no way to contact them, and they are based in the UK so there wasn’t going to be a phone number to reach them. I decided to change hosting providers. After having to mess around with some custom DNS settings on my end, it looks like everything is up and running again.

I used this list to help me decide in case you are in the market for a new hosting service. Be warned, the super cheap prices are for locking in for several years, but 6-10 bucks a month is still low for what any of these guys are offering.

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47 States!

I just checked my site stats and in the last 6 months this blog has been read in almost every state in the USA. Who am I missing?

South Dakota

I need to figure out how to get a visit or two from the fine people of Iowa, South Dakota, and Montana.

For the other 47 states – thanks for reading – tell your friends in those three states to visit my blog. A man needs goals!

Regarding international viewers – it certainly makes the world feel small to see the international map light up on my analytics dashboard. When I see “The Night we got Beat Up” become one of the most popular stories on the site, I hope I am not reinforcing negative stereotypes, but it is the truth; good, bad, and ugly.

I’d like to say “Selamat pagi” to my Indonesian readers, where my traffic has been growing steadily for the last two months. The internet certainly is wondrous at times.



I made the mistake of changing my template for the blog and came to realize that Blogger doesn’t have my template anymore. I don’t try to get too fancy with the layout, but I like everything on the left – there are only two that have it that way and one was orange and the other was pure hell.

I chose several other options (if you were visiting today, you must have been very confused) which wiped out all my tracking code (joy of joys). But then I tweaked the orange layout to make it look like my old one and I think I have analytics running again.

Blogger needs more clean templates and get rid off all things orange and pink!

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DNS Issues

If you were trying to get to the site earlier today, my domain registration company had some issues. Looks like we had a 5 hour outage. But as you can see everything is all better.

Thanks for reading!
– Joey

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