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Babycenter: Screaming Children Banned

Babycenter posted a quick news article I wrote up a few days ago. Check it out:

Babycenter: Screaming children banned in Australian mall


Babycenter: Your kid is cute, he looks nothing like you

( @Babycenter )

Babycenter.com just published my most recent article. This time I tackle the whole “your kid doesn’t look anything like you” comments you get from virtual strangers.

Give it a read:
Babycenter: You baby is so cute, but looks nothing like you


Babycenter: Over-parenting

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Babycenter.com published another quick article that I wrote last night that covers the topic of over-parenting. Check out the quick little read here:

Babycenter: Can you resist the urge to over-parent?


Babycenter: Daycare Drama

( @babycenter )

Babycenter.com posted my first article for them today. It recounts our issues with putting Ben in daycare. Give it a read.

Babycenter: My Daycare Drama


New Gig: Babycenter.com

I just found out today that I won the babycenter.com “Dad Blogger” contest. What does this mean? I get to write a dad-related blog each week which will be published on BabyCenter’s website. I am already thinking up some ideas. Until my first post, here is the content that earned me a victory.

PS: Big thanks to my friends and family. I know they came out in droves to vote and support me. I am very touched.

[Welcome to the Age of Worry]

I recall the moment my wife told me she was with child. She dimmed the lights throughout our home and placed candles on each step leading me to the bathroom and the positive test result.

We embraced each other for what seemed like hours and wept with joy knowing we had created life…

I am totally lying! I don’t remember how or when my wife told me she was pregnant. Hell, I don’t remember getting her pregnant, but I do remember that the worry started when we found out she was pregnant.

Click the link to read the entire article over at Babycenter:
Link: http://blogs.babycenter.com/mom_stories/guess-what-dads-worry-just-as-much-as-moms/

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