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Video: How Peter Luger selects their steaks

Peter Luger is an iconic steakhouse that is still family owned. Each steak is hand selected, every single day:

Eater’s Nick Solares accompanies the proprietor of Peter Luger Steakhouse to one of the few remaining butchers in the Meatpacking District to see how she selects meat for the restaurant.

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Ask A Butcher – Episode 01

( #Askabutcher, #SouthPhilly )

A little bit of background: A few months ago, I pitched this concept to one of the other blogs that I write for. My editors kindly said go for it. Scheduling the shoot had a series of set-backs, but eventually I got over to Espositos (in the Italian Market, South Philadelphia) to film. When I cut the episode, the editors had some suggestions to make it more applicable to their audience. A re-shoot was not in the cards for a while, so the footage sat.

I decided to re-cut the original material for my own audience and opted to keep this content exclusive to JoeyLombardi.com moving forward. So I proudly present to you the first (and hopefully not the last) installment of Ask A Butcher.

If you liked the Episode and want to ask Joe Knit questions, you can do so on my contact form. Just put “Ask a Butcher” in the subject line.

Thanks for watching and please spread the word about this one (share on facebook, twitter, etc). Because it takes coordination (getting in the way at a busy store), I want to be sure people are watching and enjoying this series before I ask to go back.

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