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Picture: Cliff jumping puppy


This is a brave lil’ pup.

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Picture: Happy Puppy


Nom Nom Nom…
This dog looks so happy with that slice of pizza. Has any being ever been so happy in the history of existence? I think not.

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Picture: The heart of the matter


This is another animated gif I found a while back that I couldn’t share on tumblr. I liked that it is simple but in its own way tells a story.


Picture: Wrestling: Young Bucks and Kevin Owens


I don’t talk about my fondness for professional wrestling too often on my blog, but some things are just too cool not to share.

Yes, this sequence is pretty choreographed, but it is a amazing somebody didn’t get hurt.

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Picture: Falling


This is another animated gif that is been sitting on my desktop that I couldn’t use with Tumblr. If it is real, this guy is very lucky and a very good jumper.

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