Video: Hotel Okura


Japan’s Hotel Okura which has been heralded for its design and timeless features is about to undergo a massive redesign. Check out this documentary on some of the design feature that made the hotel a classic.

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Recipe: Jamie Oliver: Quick Hummus


Allison wanted me to share this one, we were talking about the quick hummus recipe from a few weeks ago.

Photo: Megan, Flickr

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Video: Gun Debate: Too Much Emotion, Not Enough Data?


Taking the emotion out of the gun debate and trying to leverage data to drive better laws.

Photo: WickedVT, Flickr

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Recipe: Gennaro Contaldo: Pancetta & Pumpkin Pasta


Summer is over (well almost). Here is a nice pasta recipe for the fall.

Photo: Luca Nebuloni, Flickr

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Picture: Foggy Morning Flight


The Columbia space shuttle November 30th, 1982. Read more here.

Photo: NASA

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Music: Ryan Adams: Magnolia Mountain


This song was in my head this morning, thought I would share it.


Rube Goldberg Machine: Creme that Egg!


Somebody on Reddit said this is a total waste of time, but I think it is pretty awesome.

Photo: chrisjtse, flickr


Picture: Samuel L. Jackson’s favorite word


I don’t have anything to add to this. SLJ is the best.


Picture: Ace Rimmer


Its cool. I know you don’t know what this is. I probably can’t explain to you why it is funny. But it is. Trust me.

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