My thoughts are with the people of France right now.

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Picture: Full Sized Snickers?


I found this picture months ago and thought it would be perfect for Halloween week.
Happy Halloween!


Preview Podcast: Episode 02: Millennial Meltdown


I spent the last few hours working on this podcast for The Source blog. Before I set it loose over there, I thought I would share it here (and also probably remove it) for some feedback.

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Mystery meat found in hot dogs?


A recent report shows that the meat found in certain hot dog brands are not what was advertised. No, it isn’t rat parts (I hope)… it is more like pork being found in kosher brands.

Oh and they also found human DNA in the hot dogs.


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Every time I write a parenting blog post…

dl_redballoon_AJ Montpetit

…I totally envision this happening. I go back 6 or 7 times to work the writing to ensure massive feedback kerfuffles don’t happen. Sometimes it works and other times I get called a smug asshole…

…unless my headline has something about being a Dad, and then nobody reads it ūüôā

Photo: AJ Montpetit

Video: Gennaro Contaldo: Spaghetti Carbonara


Yeah this is the day for a Carbonara

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My thoughts on the Popocalypse

dl_pope_Republic of Korea

If you haven’t heard, the Pope is coming to Philadelphia¬†tomorrow.

People are excited.  People are annoyed.

It is¬†clear is that the city of Philadelphia wanted to ensure the Pope’s safety. ¬†This is admirable. ¬†But the end result is that major roads are closed. ¬†Bridges are closed. Business are closed.

The people who live in the city have fled.

There is a reason Philadelphia was selected for this visit. ¬†I don’t know what the exact reason is, but it is safe to assume it was because the city was evaluated in a positive light. ¬†The people who work and live in Philadelphia¬†define its character. ¬†They are the people leaving.

What is left is not a reflection of the city.  Yes the buildings and the restaurants are open (I think), but what makes Philadelphia not New York and not Washington DC Рthey are elsewhere this weekend.

This isn’t a slam on the Pope (as far as Popes go, he seems like an alright guy). ¬†This isn’t a slam on the thousands of Catholics converging on the city. ¬†This isn’t even a slam on the officials who planned it.

This whole thing played out the way it¬†should have (for logistical and security reasons), but it is a shame that the people who live in the area couldn’t actually appreciate what was happening.

PS: ¬†For as much crap¬†as the Washington Post wrote about Philadelphia, the “VIP-ready city” had to have a closed off section and¬†had traffic problems all day.

Photo: Republic of Korea, Flickr


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Vintage TV sent to space for music video


Director Joe Connor sent up two vintage Sony televisions via weather balloons for Kelvin Jones’ video for his song Call You Home.

Yup, that really is a TV in space, for real. I created this video by sending a vintage Sony TV into orbit on a weather balloon provided by Sent Into Space, surrounded by cameras so as to capture this spectacular footage hovering above the Big Blue Marble itself.

More precisely, it took two launches – both from Snowdonia in Wales, with two identical TVs, with each launch providing the opportunity to rig the GoPros in different positions.

Photo: NASA

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Recipe: Jamie Oliver: 100 Calorie Poppadom Snacks


I love poppadoms (and I haven’t seen them that big in the states). This is a low calorie simple recipe to do any time.

Photo: Chris Brown, Flickr

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Video: Anthony Bourdain: Kramer Knives

dl_AnthonyBourdain_Li Tsin Soon

Anthony Bourdain has a new web show covering hand crafted items. In this episode, he features hand made knives by Bob Kramer of Kramer Knives.

It is pretty incredible to see these this metal pounded into steel and then crafted into a pretty incredible knife.

Photo: Li Tsin Soon, Flickr

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