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My thoughts on the Popocalypse

dl_pope_Republic of Korea

If you haven’t heard, the Pope is coming to Philadelphia tomorrow.

People are excited.  People are annoyed.

It is clear is that the city of Philadelphia wanted to ensure the Pope’s safety.  This is admirable.  But the end result is that major roads are closed.  Bridges are closed. Business are closed.

The people who live in the city have fled.

There is a reason Philadelphia was selected for this visit.  I don’t know what the exact reason is, but it is safe to assume it was because the city was evaluated in a positive light.  The people who work and live in Philadelphia define its character.  They are the people leaving.

What is left is not a reflection of the city.  Yes the buildings and the restaurants are open (I think), but what makes Philadelphia not New York and not Washington DC – they are elsewhere this weekend.

This isn’t a slam on the Pope (as far as Popes go, he seems like an alright guy).  This isn’t a slam on the thousands of Catholics converging on the city.  This isn’t even a slam on the officials who planned it.

This whole thing played out the way it should have (for logistical and security reasons), but it is a shame that the people who live in the area couldn’t actually appreciate what was happening.

PS:  For as much crap as the Washington Post wrote about Philadelphia, the “VIP-ready city” had to have a closed off section and had traffic problems all day.

Photo: Republic of Korea, Flickr


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Picture: #PhillyFriday: Sunset on the Franklin


Came across this one on Reddit, not sure who the original photographer is.


Picture: #PhillyFriday: Artist on the Schuykill


Here is one last picture released by the US National Archives from 1973

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Picture: #PhillyFriday : National Archive 1973




I came across these pictures of Philadelphia in August 1973 from the US National Archives, I thought people would like them.

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Picture: Philadelphia: The Pope Visit


I saw this the other day on Reddit and had to share it. What a cluster this event is turning out to be.
Photo: Imgur

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Video: #PhillyFriday: Philly’s New Observation Deck

Philadelphia’s new observation deck at One Liberty.


Philly kills hitchhiking robot


A hitchhiking robot that successfully navigated its way through Canada has been destroyed. In America. In Philadelphia.

According to HitchBot’s creators:

hitchBOT’s trip came to an end last night in Philadelphia after having spent a little over two weeks hitchhiking and visiting sites in Boston, Salem, Gloucester, Marblehead, and New York City. Unfortunately, hitchBOT was vandalized overnight in Philadelphia; sometimes bad things happen to good robots. We know that many of hitchBOT’s fans will be disappointed, but we want them to be assured that this great experiment is not over. For now we will focus on the question “what can be learned from this?” and explore future adventures for robots and humans.

Why Philly? Do we always have to be known as the assholes of the east coast? I can’t wait to see what the lovely residents of the “City of Brotherly Love” will do the thousands of visitors coming to see The Pope.

Update via the CBC:

Some of the robot’s followers went to the area to retrieve the remains after the incident, and its “brain” containing the software is still intact, Smith said. His team is now arranging for the parts to be shipped back to Canada to determine the next step of the experiment.

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Picture: Philly from space


Astronaut Scott Kelly posted this tweet a few days ago:

#Goodmorning #Philadelphia! One of your cheese steaks would be great 4 months into my #YearInSpace

If you are ever in Philly Mr. Kelly – I’d be glad to buy you one. Safe travels.

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Picture: Philly Friday: Art Museum


This is the first time I have ever seen the fountain turned on in front of the art museum.
Credit: Reddit (I don’t know who took it)

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