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Podcast: Test 05: Motorola S10 Headphone review


Here is another podcast test to enjoy while I line up interviews for The Source podcast. This is a test of audio mixing from different sources while attempting to do an actual episode.

On a related note (and for my own personal reference), Engadget just did a review of in-ear headphones under $40 bucks.

Engadget: Best in-ear headphones under $40

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Seriously Donald Trump?


Donald Trump is well known for saying outrageous things. That might be good for a television personality and even a business man, but not for the leader of the free world.

Trump managed to finally ostracize himself from GOP leadership by questioning Senator John McCain’s war hero status.

After getting called out by almost every presidential candidate and elected Republican (except Ted Cruz, who is clearly looking to court Trump’s supporters when he inevitably drops out), Trump proceeded to publicly disclose Sen. Lindsey Graham’s private cell phone.

Between his controversial statements about Hispanics, his treatment of other politicians (on his own side), and exhibiting behavior not fitting the POTUS – this guy is clearly not trying to win an election.

I have no idea what his end game is. Winning the Republican nomination, let alone a national election, is not his objective. The Ann Coulter method is not going to get a person in the White House (or even an invitation to visit).

He is going to make more money out of this situation, that I have no doubt.

Photo: Gage Skidmore, Flickr

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Test Podcast 3

Photo: Patrick Breitenbach, Flickr

People who don’t know me personally are probably not going to care about this one – looking for some feedback on sound quality.

My podcasting goals took a leap forward over the weekend. I was annoyed at myself for not producing anything and concluded that I needed to find a means of getting guests to participate remotely (because nobody wants to do it live at my house).

Long story short: I figured out a way to record guest via the phone or Skype/Google Hangouts (with decent quality).

I am not going for goofy content this time around. There is a very specific goal in mind and I am lining up real guests now. More to come.

Here is an equipment test. Forget what I am saying, just let me know if it is too loud or not loud enough. Also let me know if Allison’s call is clear enough that you would actually listen to this call quality in your car.


Reddit CEO Ellen Pao Resigns

Photo: Christopher Michel, Flickr

Ellen Pao’s time as interim Reddit CEO has come to an end. Reddit board member Sam Altman formally announced Pao’s resignation yesterday via Reddit post:

Ellen Pao resigned from reddit today by mutual agreement. I’m delighted to announce that Steve Huffman, founder and the original reddit CEO, is returning as CEO.

We are thankful for Ellen’s many contributions to reddit and the technology industry generally. She brought focus to chaos, recruited a world-class team of executives, and drove growth. She brought a face to reddit that changed perceptions, and is a pioneer for women in the tech industry. She will remain as an advisor to the board through the end of 2015. I look forward to seeing the great things she does beyond that.

Pao’s resignation comes after last week’s massive user and moderator revolt. Moderators locked down reddit threads due to the termination of employee Victoria Taylor.

Taylor was a moderator and coordinator of Reddit’s popular “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) sub. The poorly communicated (and still unexplained termination) was seen as the final straw for some users who have been displeased with the direction of the site for several months.

With Pao’s resignation, Reddit hopes to get the community back on track by announcing one of Reddit’s founding-fathers Steve Huffman as new CEO.

As a daily reader (lurker) of reddit, I was on the site as the lock out went down. As the situation unfolded, it became clear that the company is incapable of managing the community or leveraging their own (well developed) communication channel.

I spent the next 24 hours thinking about my browsing habits and how I have become very attached to Reddit. I decided to dust off my RSS reader and update the news sources. I don’t plan on abandoning Reddit, but I feel that it is important to nurture other viable news and information sources and never (again) rely on once source too heavily.

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Why I switched to T-Mobile

( @tmobile @googlenexus )

I had this conversation with so many people in the last year that I decided to capture it and publish it on my blog.

Around this time last year, my 2-year contract with Verizon was up and I was looking to renew and get new phones. Then I received a letter stating that they were switching us to a family-share plan once we selected new phones. We would be moving from unlimited data to a 4GB shared plan. Also, my plan was going to go up about $10 per month.

I was furious.

My wife and I didn’t come close to using 4GB (we usually averaged 400 MB), but I didn’t like that the unlimited data plan was going away and that I was being charged more for what I considered to be less (plus the smart phone I had at the time sucked and I assumed a new phone would eat more data). For the first time in 6 years I started shopping around.

Also around this time, Google announced they were selling a completely unlocked phone called the Nexus 4 for $300 (no contracts). An unlocked smart phone with a perfect android experience that gets updates immediately directly from Google? That sounded perfect. But the phone was not compatible with Verizon. Yet another reason to start looking around.

I started calling companies that the Nexus 4 would work with. AT&T ended up being just as much as Verizon. My wife suggest calling T-Mobile but I hesitated. Even though Verizon has the best coverage nationally, I did not have a great signal in my house. I assumed that if Verizon gave me problems, T-Mobile would have absolutely no signal in my area. I looked up their coverage map and my house was in a dark green area (excellent coverage). Then I checked work…dark green again. Then I started looking at places we go to frequently…all dark green.

Not to belabor the point, we decided to give T-Mobile a shot and cancel if we had a bad experience. I am going to be honest, we almost did. Getting the right sim cards (mini) and an issue with the first payment time almost derailed the whole thing. Several days/hours on the phone with their customer support was like shoving nails in my eyes, but I powered through it. In the end, we settled on an unlimited everything plan (data, voice, text) and I am saving $90 per month.

The coverage has exceeded my best expectations. I always have a great signal in the places I am the most. I have also been traveling quite a bit for work and haven’t had any issues (unless I am in a basement or heavy concrete building). Also, instead of having a phone where I am always saying “I wish my phone did that”, the Nexus 4 is constantly surprising me with some useful thing it does in the background (like Google Now’s ability to automatically check flight status, traffic, and even hotel reservations).

I rarely experience situations where making switches like this ends up being dramatically better (there is almost always a compromise). By switching to T-Mobile and buying a Nexus phone I saved money, actually got better mobile performance, and was able to shove it to a company that I didn’t feel was treating me well. I have been using the service for 10 months and had no issues. Last week T-Mobile announced it was ending roaming charges internationally. Another move that tells me this company wants to be competitive and understands what is driving customers away from other mobile providers. I thought it was a good time to share my experience and offer my suggestion.

So that is my (completely not paid for or sponsored by) opinion, I hope it helps.

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Chug: The next installment of “Three Sheets”

( @DrinkingMadeEasy )

My editors over at Drinking Made Easy asked me to post here on my private blog about a potential new drinking show called “Chug”. Basically, it is “Three Sheets” but traveling by train. Sounds good to me. Here is the press release:

Zane Lamprey Announces Kickstarter Campaign for International Drinking Show, “Chug!”

For Immediate Release – April 22, 2013

TV host and world drinking ambassador, Zane Lamprey, has announced a Kickstarter project to produce “Chug!” a new international drinking travel show. Similar to his previous international drinking show, “Three Sheets” (Travel Channel, SpikeTV), Lamprey will drink with locals as he learns about a region’s drinking cultures and customs. However, in “Chug!”, Lamprey will begin each episode by arriving by train (hence the name).

The Kickstarter project will end on May 31st. Supporters of the project will receive a number of rewards, such as episodes, limited-edition merchandise, invitations to launch parties, and even an appearance in the show itself.

To learn more or to contribute to the campaign, head over to


Babycenter roundup: Week of April 7th


Opinion: Is fighting okay?

Is it ever okay for kids to get into physical altercations?

Personal: Too busy parenting to socialize

Article about not socializing too much due to the baby’s schedule.

News: NJ bans tanning beds

I basically make fun of the real house wives of NJ and “Tan Mom”.

Opinion: Can you outsource parenting?

The comments about this one got pretty wild. Interesting post.

News: Kids and Google Glass

Article about the potential social innovations with children that Google Glass could create.

Opinion: Dangerous houses and tiny rebels

Post about the differences between parenting today and of years past.

News: Another kid with a mohawk makes headlines

Covering another story about a kid getting suspended for having an alternative haircut.


Babycenter roundup:Week of March 31st

I have been lazy and haven’t posted links to several articles I wrote for Babycenter over the last few weeks. Here is a run down (I do this for my own archival purposes too).

News: Violence, video games, and all the voices

An article on a new study about video game violence and actual violence in children.

News: Should children be forced to exercise?

A reaction piece to an article detailing the trend of parents forcing children to exercise.

Personal: When are you having another?

Lisa gave me the idea for this article. I think you can figure out the topic.

News: Do chores together, stay together?

Reaction article on a study that finds couples that split the same task have better marriages.

Personal: From crib to toddler bed…

Personal story about me converting Ben’s crib into a toddler bed and getting the safety gate up around the stairs.


Babycenter: Concussions on my mind

( @babycenter #football #concussions )

Babycenter published my most recent article about sports related concussions. I managed to slip in a shout out to my Uncle Vince Lombardi in the process. Check it out…

Babycenter: Concussions on my mind


Babycenter: Do you pay the babysitter when you cancel?

( @babycenter #babysitter )

Babycenter published another post I wrote. This time I tackle the ethics of canceling last minute on the sitter and not paying.

Babycenter: Should you pay the sitter when you cancel?