Philadelphia Magazine Does It Again…

( @Phillymag, #BruceSpringsteen )

Not three days after I posted this response to the most recent Philadelphia Magazine cover story, they flood my news feeds with this post about Bruce Springsteen.

What is the point? The writer hates Bruce Springsteen. That’s it. I could point out that his reasons are obviously forced and carefully constructed to be just the right amount of snarky (to win over the hipster crowd), but why bother (okay I just did)? This is just another short-sited opinion piece that will do nothing to grow the magazine’s readership or ads. I subscribed to the magazine a few years ago because I wanted to read about things to do in the city and people making a difference, I don’t want to read about why a bitter writer hates Bruce Springsteen – and the dude doesn’t even have good reasons!

Philebrity also takes the magazine to task, so you should probably go there next to read the comments because I am sure they will be extraordinary. I get it, this is the city that boos Santa Claus, so even “Philly friendly” artists like the Boss have to take their beatings. I expect this kind of shit from bloggers, but not a respectable city publication… grow up!

I shared my thoughts with the writer and we had this exchange on facebook…


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