Live Reporting from the Mantua Chick-Fil-A

( @ChickfilA, #Mantua )

I was driving home from the gym today and noticed several tents popped over around the Chick-Fil-A that is scheduled to open tomorrow. My wife told me they were doing a free food give-a-way for the first 100 customers, so I (correctly) guessed that was the reason for the crowd. I decided to pop back over with my camera and capture the scene.

There were a few things that caught me off-guard:
1. I can’t believe how many people showed up that were willing to sleep in parking lot overnight.
2. Most of the crowd was not local, not even South Jersey local (which I have mixed feelings about).

I am glad that the Chick-fil-A is opening. It may be fast food, but at least it isn’t McDonalds.

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