The Pope exonerates the Jews…

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Credit: M.Mazur

The Pope apparently exonerated the Jews from their role in Jesus’s death yesterday. Huh? The fact that this is/was a real issue for some people is mind-boggling to me, but it is even crazier that Emperor Palpatine seems to have gone into the past in order to come to this decision:

In the book, Benedict re-enacts Jesus’ final hours, then analyzes each Gospel account to explain why Jews as a whole cannot be blamed for having turned him over. Rather, Benedict concludes, it was the Jewish leadership, the “Temple aristocracy” and a few supporters of the figure Barabbas who were responsible, but not Jews as a whole. “How could the whole people have been present at this moment to clamor for Jesus’ death?” Benedict asks.

I am glad the old man was able to come to an obvious conclusion to a made up story about 2000 years too late.

In related news, I am exonerating Japan for their involvement of breeding dragons during the great Dragon War of 1207.


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