Politics: Breast Feeding & Michele Bachmann

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The liberal press is in a minor uproar over Republican Michele Bachmann’s criticisms of Michelle Obama’s proposed program to offer tax breaks for breast pumping equipment. Reading a few articles about the situation, I felt the need to step back and make a comment.

It is easy to call Bachmann an anti-breast-feeding nut, but the woman claims to have breast-fed her five children (and I believe her). Her issue is with the government have a program subsidizing the equipment to encourage the practice. So here is my issue with the press: instead of calling out Bachmann as an uncooperative asshole, they call her anti-breast-feeding. This marginalizes her to most people as a nut and paints over the fact that we have people trying to get into office for the sake of general disagreement.

This is the sort of behavior that is ruining this country and our political framework.

In the long run, what could offering tax breaks on breast pumps really cost the tax payers versus the long term ramifications of not giving breast-feeding? The two things driving up the deficit in this country are medical benefits (including medicare) and social security. Any long term, outside of the box thinking that promotes a healthier society should be encouraged.

There should be national direction and education program since it is clear that people have gotten very far away from the basic skills needed to survive and thrive. This goes back to a few of my previous comments on this blog about the concept of national identity and goals for our government in a global economy and society. What are we trying to be and what are we trying to save?

PS: If anyone is going to get on my ass about the benefits of breast-feeding being inconclusive versus formula, please stop. Read this and just accept that millions of years of evolution beats Carnation instant breakfast for babies.

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