My readers make me laugh…

( #Thankyou, #LucyLawless, #Burritos )

I was checking the stats this morning to see how Sunday Leftovers did yesterday and the report showed that several people in different states viewed this totally random post from June.

This was one of those “for me” posts because I was thinking about Lucy Lawless singing about Burritos and making fun of Stevie Nicks (after ranting to my wife how annoying I found the real Nicks – and she would be far more awesome if she sang songs about Nachos). The clip was not easy to find, so I guess somebody else had the same idea and found my blog instead.

Thank you to my readers for validating my random thoughts.

Anyway, I will save you the trip over to the other link, here is the clip again….

Lucy Lawless spoofs Stevie Nicks

Digital Mischief | Myspace Video


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