Old School Driver

The first Saturday of April was beautiful and sunny. My wife and I decided to take advantage of the weather and put some more miles on the car. We made a left on the the main road and I noticed a sweet old Buick: I registered it as a pleasant object and then my mind went off to other thoughts.

As I started to get on the highway, I could see the old Buick in my rear-view mirror, it was fish-tailing and trying to get around the person between us. That person quickly yielded and let Buick pass. Now it was behind me and right up my ass. I started cursing at the driver’s recklessness. I was boxed in on the other side, so I couldn’t get over to let him pass. I slowed it down a bit to give him a hint. He just got closer.

By slowing down, the person in the other lane got in front of me and this gave the driver of the Buick a chance to pass.

I looked over to give him a dirty look and I noticed this Buick was being driven by an old man. A really old man. The urge to give this guy the finger dissipated and I started thinking “good for you old man, still busting balls at your age”. The old bastard in his mint muscle car got in front of me and started to pull away. I told my wife to take out her phone, I needed a picture of this man and his car, to remember to keep busting balls. Alas, we captured the car, but not the man.

Normally I would be ranting about asshole drivers in New Jersey, but not today; Yes the guy was most definitely an asshole but at least he wasn’t humbled by his advanced age. Not meek and fearful like his peers, this bastard drove a cool car and and kept his swagger. There is a lesson here for all of us.

To summarize: an old man in an old American Buick blew my Japanese Honda off the road.

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