A Note to Current or Potential Employers

Congratulations! You have “googled” me or saw my website on my resume and you have now hit the “HR Jackpot”. I want to thank you for visiting this site and expressing an interest in me as a potential (or current) employee. I am fairly confident that you will find me to be a unique and honest individual. As you shift through this site you will be bombarded with my experiences, personal stories, personal research, and hard earned lessons documented for others to benefit from. I have professional information mixed with personal because technology has made that line disappear and I view everything as relevant anyway. You will also find some “bad language”, a few artistic nude paintings that I found interesting, and some very strong opinions. I thought about removing them to avoid this conversation, but I decided against it.

If you went through the trouble of finding me, here I am. I have nothing that I am ashamed of and I have nothing to hide. I don’t write about direct work engagements or provide anything close to specific details, so don’t waste your time looking for those kind of corporate nuggets. I hope you enjoy this this blog and appreciate that I am giving you a better view of who I am as a human being. I welcome and encourage questions on the materials presented here, it will surely make for a more interesting interview.

Take Care,
Joey Lombardi


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