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Since I was on vacation, I didn’t know that my main website was down for several days (I don’t often check the main site every day). On Thursday I noticed my blog wasn’t posting certain pictures but I thought it was the hotel’s slow internet connection. My mom mentioned she had trouble connecting to the site to look at vacation pictures, but I assumed there were minor DNS issues again (that has happened a lot in the last month), but when I went to check something on the site today – it was down and so was the web-hosting company I used.

None of the email addresses for their support teams were working either – I was getting IMMEDIATE mail failures – that is not a good sign. Since it was down for a few days and there was no way to contact them, and they are based in the UK so there wasn’t going to be a phone number to reach them. I decided to change hosting providers. After having to mess around with some custom DNS settings on my end, it looks like everything is up and running again.

I used this list to help me decide in case you are in the market for a new hosting service. Be warned, the super cheap prices are for locking in for several years, but 6-10 bucks a month is still low for what any of these guys are offering.

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