47 States!

I just checked my site stats and in the last 6 months this blog has been read in almost every state in the USA. Who am I missing?

South Dakota

I need to figure out how to get a visit or two from the fine people of Iowa, South Dakota, and Montana.

For the other 47 states – thanks for reading – tell your friends in those three states to visit my blog. A man needs goals!

Regarding international viewers – it certainly makes the world feel small to see the international map light up on my analytics dashboard. When I see “The Night we got Beat Up” become one of the most popular stories on the site, I hope I am not reinforcing negative stereotypes, but it is the truth; good, bad, and ugly.

I’d like to say “Selamat pagi” to my Indonesian readers, where my traffic has been growing steadily for the last two months. The internet certainly is wondrous at times.


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