The Wedding Blog: Part Two

The last few weeks have been busy on the wedding front and I thought it might be a good time to post updates The wedding blogs are always a change of pace for me since I don’t write with the venom and bile that I love so much. For those keeping track, while the bulk of the work was done, many of the smaller details were left untouched as we focused on dealing with the house. Now that the house has been sorted out, the wedding has come to the fore-front.

The looming issue has been finalizing the menu selections. There has been some potential drama with my family regarding the choices and I needed to “carefully navigate the waters”. Weddings are tricky – you are basically spending someone else hard earned money and I am very mental about it; sometimes you just have to buckle down and make a decision. With that said, the entrees have been selected which cleared the way for us to finalize our invitations.

Invitations have their own tale to tell. One of Allison’s pals agreed to design the “Save the Dates” and the formal invitation. The “Save the Dates” went out with no issue, but I personally felt bad that Allison’s friend was doing this because I know it is a pain in the ass, but she was a trooper and knocked it out. When it came time for the invitations, she was overwhelmed with stuff going on and we had to call in pros. I am not a huge fan of relying on friends and family to do things because people’s time is valuable and I don’t like to impose and I don’t want people thinking I am expecting anything extra… with that said the pros we called were Uncle Flip’s wife Joanie and my cousin Nadia. Joanie and Nadia took care of us and Joanie walked Allison through all the options. Shameless plug time:

109 N Black Horse Pike
Blackwood, NJ 08012
(609) 517-6098

Something that I find somewhat amusing and somewhat irritating is my family continuing to add people to the guest list. It is getting to the point where there will be at least two tables of people that I either don’t know or I haven’t seen in at least a decade. I don’t get the wedding as a family reunion concept. If you have to introduce your spouse to someone at your wedding, there is a 90% chance that they don’t belong there (that’s just my take on things).

Transportation has been a concern for those staying at the hotel. We don’t want anyone drinking and driving, and we are really pushing everyone to stay at the hotel the night of the wedding so we can extend the fun a few more hours. With that in mind we have been struggling to get a shuttle service as our hotel has committed their services to another event and limo services are more than happy to charge us 500 bucks for 45 minutes worth of work… we are still figuring that one out, but Marie from Celebrations might have come up with a good suggestion.

The DJ has been selected and I had to put the fear of Joe into him. Acts of Assclownery shall not be tolerated. A music blacklist and whitelist is being generated.

The tuxedos have also been selected, and they are damn classy.

We also selected a honeymoon destination. We are over the whole all-inclusive vacations on a beach somewhere, so we opted for San Francisco and the surrounding bay area. We are doing the Napa Valley thing, the national parks, and the city. Party.

Rob, Bill, Nate, and Tony are chugging along with their bachelor party plans and the whole production is keeping me amused. Some things I am allowed to know, other things I need to know because they don’t know, and some stuff is supposed to be a secret (well some of them think that). A general comment about surprises for people over the age of 10… don’t do it. People don’t like surprises and it makes it much harder for everyone.

We are in the final stretches now, we have to finalize the cake and get the marriage papers filled out in August, Allison and I need to finish the ceremony, and the final call on the “Good Looks Jam Session” needs to be made. Stay tuned for part three.


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